Redbox To Stream?

Ryan Lawler, Redbox Could Take On Netflix in Streaming

Redbox could get into the online video streaming business, if a recent survey is any indication. According to High-Def Digest, Redbox has reportedly asked customers if they would be interested in a streaming service that would put the kiosk rental company in direct competition with industry leader Netflix.

The survey asks Redbox users if they would pony up $3.95 for a video subscription service that would include unlimited online streaming and four kiosk rentals a month. Since Redbox rentals typically cost $1 a day, that would basically mean that they would get free streaming along with their four rentals.

The price sounds right, especially when one compares it to what Netflix charges. Currently, the cheapest Netflix plan — which includes unlimited streaming and one DVD-by-mail disc out at a time — runs $9 a month, so Redbox would be charging less than half of what Netflix subscribers currently pay.

Nice to see some competition here, especially if it leads to more titles to stream. It’s annoying that so few titles on Netflix are steamable. And I do rent from Redbox several times a week already.

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