Foursquare Is Useless To Me

John Battelle has a thoughtful essay on why Foursquare just doesn’t work for him. Perhaps it’s the Blackberry, the fact he’s the wrong demographic, or that he doesn’t understand what it means to be connected on the service.

Despite the the hype, and the bazillion friend requests, it doesn’t mean anything. Or as he puts it, “the service is, to my mind, poorly instrumented from the point of view of social relationships." 

Unless you are actively on the prowl for your posse, or you get a kick out of being the mayor of your favorite dive, there isn’t much happening.

I felt the same way about Dodgeball, and the narrative nowadays is that Google allowed that service to languish. But as I recall, Dodgeball never went mainstream, while Facebook and Twitter have.

I am willing to try almost anything, but I am not clicking with Foursquare.

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