Social Architecture: A Webinar Series

Starting in mid March, I plan to launch a webinar series on the topic of Social Architecture, which is a user experience oriented approach to the design and analysis of social tools.

In recent years, I presented some of these ideas in various conferences – like the Web 2.0 Expo, and others – but those are too few and far between, and it is hard (if not impossible) to develop any sort of in depth rapport with a room of 200+ attendees that you only meet with for a single day.

My hope is that I can attract a dozen or so people who are involved in the development and use of social tools, and that they will return to the lectures and participate regularly.

These will be working sessions: in each webinar I will introduce some aspect of social architecture – like ‘social = me first’, ‘find the social object’, or ‘reblogging reconsidered’ – and I will explore one or more examples of social tools that either do a good job of supporting that architectural motif, and that don’t.

The webinars are geared toward people engaged in the development or marketing of these tools, or those involved in evaluating tools for use in the business context. No technical background is required.

I expect the sessions to be a mix of presentation – screenshots and slides – and a free-wheeling discussion with the group, sort of like a graduate seminar.

Some of the tools that I plan to evaluate in the initial set of webinars will include Tumblr, Google Buzz, Yammer, Squaresoft, Dopplr, Plancast,, Foursquare, and dozens of others. The webinars will be free for existing clients of my advisory service, and $25 for non-clients. Space will be limited (although I don’t know what the limits are yet, because I haven’t settled on a webinar platform to use yet.)

If you are interested in joining the mailing list, please click here: Webinars Mailing List.

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