Fred Wilson Agrees: Buzz Is Friendfeed 2.0

I posted the other day that Buzz feels like Friendfeed, which was not an expeience that many of us liked. It’s all about A-listers holding court in a world made up of chat rooms. Fred Wilson seems to agree:

– Fred Wilson, Thoughts On Buzz

Buzz copies the FriendFeed user experience for the most part. And as much as I admire FriendFeed and the people who built it, I don’t believe that is a compelling experience for the mainstream user.

When I follow Pete Cashmore in Buzz, I’m basically following all of his fans. And my Buzz timeline is filled with all of their replies to his posts. I think that user experience works well in something like this blog and the comments. I don’t think it works well in a mass medium where I want to follow hundreds of people.

Like FriendFeed, Buzz allows me to “pump my data into it”. It is an aggregator as well as a updating service. But that poses a problem in some ways. What does this service want to be? Once I pumped this blog, my tumblog, and my twitter into Buzz, I was done. You can all follow me in Buzz here.

Fred sats that his partner Albert thinks highly of the API, and that Buzz might have a play as a platforrm for other apps. I don’t buy it.

Buzz is going to have to do way more than repeat Friendfeed.

A true open email is a very tantalizing prospect, but Buzz is not that, at least not yet.

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