Jeremiah Owyang Leveraging The Twittosphere

Jeremiah has an early January sort of post, exhorting us to reflect on our “career mission” as a focusing exercise. I don’t want to dig into that, honestly, although I think it’s sensible for any of us to contemplate what we are up to, and not just at the start of a new year.

What I found most interesting was Jeremiah’s inclusion of a pre-shrunk URL linking to the article, along with a ‘Was this helpful?’ slug:

[from What’s Your Career Mission?]

Was this helpful? copy, paste then tweet it:

You are a Company of One: What’s Your Career Mission?

I have seen the emergence of a new pattern of blogging where authors write a post, and immediately write an introductory tweet to draw their followers attention to it. I have been doing that myself for the past several weeks, and I have seen great response.

I bet that the URL shorteners –,,, – will be offering some Javascript that will automatically generate a shortened URL so that blog authors can offer one up at the foot of every post. Which company will be first with that?

[Update 9:53am 9 Jan 2009: It appears that already has provided a snippet of javascript to do what I suggested. I will fool with it, and write a post about that. (Hat tip to Jon Steinberg)]

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