Going Solo: Leeds Event Cancelled

I spoke with Stephanie Booth, yesterday, the organizer of the Going Solo conferences, and she has determined to cancel the upcoming event in Leeds, planned for 12 September 2008:

[from Going Solo » Not Enough Attendees For Going Solo Leeds]

Yesterday mid-afternoon, I had to take the difficult decision to cancel Going Solo Leeds. The reason for this is that a bit over two weeks before the event, there are simply not enough registrations for it to take place under the conditions I envisioned for it.

After discussing the situation with my advisors, I reached the conclusion that the most responsible course of action right now was to cancel as soon as I could.

I’m aware that for some of the people who have arranged to travel to Leeds, it’s already too late to cancel travel plans. If you’re going to be in Leeds anyway, how about doing something together? Let’s gather on the 12th for a free SoloCamp where we will discuss soloist issues amongst ourselves in an informal way.

The Going Solo conference concept and the community around it live on. There will be a third edition of Going Solo — I’ve learnt a tremendous amount of things preparing both the Lausanne and the Leeds editions, and will be taking advantage of those lessons to do things slightly differently. How, when and where are still unknowns, but if you are subscribed to the newsletter you’ll be informed in good time.

I am sure that Stephanie will regroup, and come up with a plan for the next Going Solo that will push the energy we had in Lausanne out to new areas: perhaps the US? I noted in the comments that some people thought that having a different crop of speakers might have led some who had attended the Lausanne event, only a few months ago, to attend again. Others suggested that London might have been a better spot.

I am an advisor and participant, and I think that Going Solo should take on more of a workshop feel (perhaps an extra day of more intense working sessions), as well as a bit more of a mixture of a local, community-oriented unconference with a smaller number of formal sessions. I am sure that Stephanie will continue to tinker, and get the formula right.

Turns out that I will be in the UK for other reasons, as well as the Going Solo event, so I will be supporting the informal ‘Solo Camp’ event, anyway, if it gets off the ground.

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