A story in the New York Times by Naom Cohen relates the recent discovery that Xeni Jardin deleted a bunch of posts from Boing-Boing that referred to Violet Blue, a sex blogger. Some tale of friendship (or something) going sideways that leads to questions about the plasticity of blogs: Are posts supposed to last forever? Is it legitimate to take posts down because of personal animus? Is there some sort of ethical issue here, or is this just a blogger’s spat?

Personally, I find it hard to find some deeper truth in here, aside to say that bloggers can do whatever they want, but when others discover strange doings, reputations can change pretty fast.

The only reason I am interested in this story, candidly, is the brief mention of a funny response to trolls that evolved at Boing-Boing: disemvowelment.

[from Link by Link – Poof! You’re Unpublished.]

Ms. Hayden [Teresa Nielsen Hayden] has been credited with one of the more creative online responses to nasty commentators — disemvowelment, the removal of all the vowels from a post [comment]. Not quite censorship, but not exactly unfettered commentary, either.

Sweet. Maybe I should adopt that policy here, at /Message.

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