2007 Most Memorable New Product Launch Survey

I get a kick out of lumping all new products together in one survey: gear, foods, cosmetics… what stuck in people’s heads?

[from Launch PR: 2007 Most Memorable New Product Launch Survey Released! press release]

  1. Apple iPhone (37%)
  2. Microsoft Windows Vista (26%)
  3. Febreze Candles (14%)
  4. Domino Oreo Dessert Pizza (10%)
  5. alli Weight Loss Capsules (10%)
  6. Oreo Cakesters (10%)
  7. Diet Coke Plus (9%)
  8. Subway Fresh Fit Meals (8%)
  9. Motorola Razr2 (8%)
  10. Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips (7%)

While the iPhone was one of the most buzzed-about items of the year, with over 231,667 iPhone related posts indexed in Technorati and 21.3 million search results in Google, 77% of survey respondents could still not remember and name a single product in the top 50 new products launched in 2007, including the iPhone.

Apple slams with the iPhone. I was amazed that Razr2 made the list, but I don’t watch TV, which is where most of these products are pandered. Still, the fact that 77% couldn’t come up with a single product launched in 2007 is a condemnation of crappy mass marketing.

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