Gmail: AIM Integration

Google has finally rolled out the long awaited AIM integration into Gtalk, which also means it’s become available in Gmail.

In the drop down menu under ‘contacts’, the option to sign in to AIM is now an option (for some at this point, rolling out to the entire community over time):

The first time through, you have to login to an existing AIM account, or create one:

Then, AIM buddies show in your Gmail contacts list with a tiny AIM icon:

I have only noticed one snag so far, based on next to no use: Feedcrier, the service I use that pushes RSS streams to me via AIM, seems to lose all its links though this latest connection. Here’s an iChat and Gmail AIM chat, side by side. Note the links in the iChat in blue:

One headache so far. So I can’t close iChat just yet. Anyway, I can access Gtalk chat through the iChat Jabber interface, so I am not really sure which mode I like better, anyway.

[Update: 5 Dec – The world is getting around to fooling with Gmail’s AIM integration, a day after me.

And, by the way, the new group chat feature doesn’t work with AIM chats in Gtalk.


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