Twitter As PR

Well, it’s not a surprise, that many people and companies have been using Twitter as more than the normal Twitter baseline to… do what exactly? What is the baseline use of Twitter, anyway?

Allen Stern seems to suggest that the give-and-take of conversation is the basic mode of Twitterizing, and that this mode can be easily coopted into broadcast:

[from When Does a Social Network Become a “Publicity Network”? | CenterNetworks – Social Media News, Opinions and Insights]

A social networking tool becomes a publicity tool when “I speak, you speak, I reply, you reply” becomes “I speak, you listen”.

There seems to be a growing commercialism on Twitter. I have no problem with companies using the Twitter network to post updates about their service – ‘Our server is down; back up in a few hours’ – but hucksterism is different. If a broadcast PR model takes over, and fills the channel with spam, Twitter will be ruined.

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