Dave McClure Is Wrong, Continued: Social Graph v Social Network

Dave McClure is one of the folks advocating the use of the unnecessary “social graph” term (see I Agree With Dave Winer (For Once)). In a recent post he agrees that is is a synonym for social network, then spins into nuttiness:

[from Social Graph = Social Network. Sure, and RSS = XML, Too..

Dave Winer: you’re right (as usual)

Social Graph = Social Network

“social network” is simpler / less confusing than “social graph”, and it’s been around longer too. Mark Zuckerberg didn’t invent social networking… however, he did produce the best form of it that’s used by millions of people. so i think he gets a little credit.

but while we’re at the revisionist history…


and while you might debate whether XML is simpler / less confusing to say than RSS, and that RSS is a more specific implementation standard, XML was around for YEARS before RSS was proposed.

so if you’ll stop calling it RSS, i’ll stop calling it the Social Graph.

Bill thhhpttthtthttt.

“you say toMAYto, i say toMAHto… let’s call the whole thing off”

Except it isn’t highschool, Dave. Introducing “social graph” as some sort of pseudo-learned distinction with the existing term is just confusing. And the tomato/tomato example is off in one way – those are quasi-homonyms, made distinct my regional differences in dialect, but we are talking about synonyms – and dead on in another: the song is about the confusion that these sorts of things can cause.

So let’s agree to avoid the confusion, and retire the ‘social graph’ meme to the dead pool.

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