Video Ads Might Be A Huge Turn-off ForGoogle

Wow. As I have said before, Robert Scoble is often over his head when he starts wading into the deep end of the tech pool, but he is definitely drowning with his recent Mahalo Google video:

[from Epicenter – Wired Blogs by Adario Strange]


Among Scoble’s many thought crimes is his recycling of Jason Calacanis’ idea that a human created directory is a search engine. For the last time, a human-edited directly [directory] is not a search engine, it’s a curated data pool. Ironically, Calacanis himself saw through Scoble’s enthusiasm masked as analysis and responded by saying, “Clearly something is happening here (and you don’t know what it is… do you… Mr. Scoble).”

Keep in mind that by merely mentioning Google and Mahalo in the same sentence Scoble did Calacanis a huge favor, so the soft admonishment from Calacanis speaks to the level of inaccuracy of Scoble’s presentation (rant? job application?). Adding to Scoble’s tragic video folly is the fact that just weeks ago, following Calacanis’ Gnomedex presentation, Scoble wrote via Twitter, “Calacanis dug his own grave here,” and, “If I ran a conference and I invited Jason I’d just call the conf. session ‘an ad for Calacanis.’” An interesting critique considering that Scoble’s new video—in which he digs his own grave—feels like a corporate promotional spot for Mahalo.

Other bloggers of note have piled on, most notably Danny Sullivan over at SearchEngineLand who penned a massive 4,000 word screed against Scoble’s video and Rand Fishkin who started off his post with the pithy title “I Used to Respect Robert Scoble’s Opinion…” While we always suspected Scoble’s too-quick adoption and evangelism of [Fill In The Blank] Web 2.0 technology spoke to an irrational exuberance unsupported by logic and insight, this video serves as final confirmation.

I have been shielded from much of this based on my reluctance to watch video, especially Scoble, instead of reading prose: I know, I know, I’m a fogey. But there it is: I would rather read (which is do very quickly) that listen to someone blather (which they do very slowly). My mind wanders.

But I did listen to this, today. I love the fact that Robert starts the blather by pointing out that search doesn’t reach in to the video, and that therefore I got there by something other than google search. Is that good?

And I hate the fact that his video doesn’t allow me to randomly jump ahead.

I had to quit, though: it’s like the Marx Brothers channeling Gartner.

Robert, it’s maybe time to go back to evangelizing blogging for some large slow-moving enterprise, I think.

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