Yahoo Messenger Mac 3.0 Beta: Still No Voice!?

A new version of the Yahoo Messenger for the Mac:

[from New Mac Version: Beta 2]

Tabbed IM windows: When you have two or more conversations going on, they appear as separate tabs in a single window. Less clutter for your desktop! Plus, you can drag a tab out and make it into its own window (or drag it back in to consolidate). Tabbed conversations are a preference, so if you prefer having one window per IM conversation, you still can.

Chat rooms: Yup, the same Yahoo! chat rooms that Windows users have been using are now open to Mac users.

Message archiving: All of your IM and chat room conversations can now be archived on your computer.

Improved stability for webcam and file transfer: There were issues with these in the past version so the team did a lot of bug fixes and under-the-hood work to improve them.

More emoticons: We added in the additional emoticons that are in our other versions of Messenger, so Mac users now have them all!

Although this latest Beta doesn’t yet offer voice calling, we’re still working on it and hope to offer it soon.

Emoticons, schemoticons! Voice is the thing that everyone is waiting for and expecting (see Yahoo! Messenger 3.0 beta 2 for Mac finally hits the streets).

This is the development group that stated at a briefing over a year ago that the Mac was going to be the leading platform for development, and that all new Messenger innovation was going to happen there first. Well, not if their endless cozying up to Microsoft continues to be first priority, I guess.

No discussion of the endlessly open interoperabilty issue: if they can make it work with Microsoft, why can’t they interoperate with gTalk, AIM, and Skype? I guess that dream is just totally dead. I have given up on these giant companies ever getting together and doing what is obviously in the public interest: interoperability. And I don’t believe that the FCC or the Justice Department will every get around to fixing this stupid mess, either.

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