Mark Cuban Forgets How To Write

Mark goes to a meeting with tech gadgets, and discovers that he can’t write anymore:

[I Forgot How to Write ! – Blog Maverick]


What a disaster. I couldn’t write.

I literally couldn’t take notes fast enough because as I wrote, I realized I couldn’t read my own writing. Not only could I not read my own writing, when I tried to slow down so that everything would be legible, I realized that actually writing each letter as part of a complete word was actually difficult

I had forgotten how to write. Sure i could fight it out by going slowly. Very slowly. But any skills I had that used to enable me to quickly write what I was hearing or what my thoughts were, had left me.

Am I alone ? SHould I start a self help group ? Should I take a class with 5 year olds to relearn ???

Is writing with a pen on a pad of paper not like riding a bike ??

I can’t write well anymore, either, although my handwriting has always been marginal. I don’t think it’s like riding a bike, which is more of a balance issue, and we do walk everyday, in general, so theay balancing thing gets constant play. Writing is a fine motor control skill, like finger picking a guitar: trust me, you have to exercise those muscles to keep the skill alive.

My brother forgot how to sign his name one summer (1968) but that was more of a summer-of-love thing.

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