Gary Turner At Large


My pal, Gary Turner, is leaving (at long last) the dubious comforts of conventional software and looking for something new and different. Gary is based just outside of London in the UK, and looking for something awesome in the UK:

[from At Large]

I am available (or I will be from June), will work for for food, a free agent, I’m in that tricky ‘between jobs’ phase, open to (sensible) offers, going wanting, on the market, available, for rent, for hire. In other words I am at large and if you want to have a chat, I can be reached by email or phone, my contact details : garyturner [at] or 44 7785 540834.

If nobody calls, then I’m considering putting myself up on eBay.

Gary is great software entrepreneur, and the originator of the term ‘equiantance’ for online friends. Anyone doing anything innovative in the UK should have a long talk with him, ASAP.

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