Starting From Zero: Day 28


I sent email to Dave Sifry, CEO of Technorati, asking about the apparent hiccup in Technorati ranking updates:

[via email]

We had some link count issues over the weekend, and our ops folks have

been fixing things up. I hope that you should see things returning to

normal soon.

We’re also continuing to build out our link counting mechanism with the

goal to make sure that all links and sources are counted at the time

they get added to the index – but we’re still a bit away from that. In

the meantime, we’re striving for updated counts on a daily basis, at least.


Dave recently reported on the State of the Blogosphere, and all the stats underscore the enormous scaling pressure that Technorati and other blog search engines much be experiencing. The Blogosphere doubling every 5.5 months, a new blog launched every second! Yikes.

But Technorati is such an important appliance that it just has to work; at least for me. I use it every day, to track links, find new voices, check tags. And Dave’s email was two days ago, and nothing seems to have happened. Today’s T’rati ranking for /Message:

Same number of links (138) from the same number of sites (82) as on Day 20, ten days ago. Obviously out of date. I hope they get around to updating in the next day or so, since Day 30 is a big day for the Starting From Zero project.

My bet is that when recalculated, /Message will climb into the top 10,000, at least.

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